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Puerto Portals

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Wellies was always a special place. Standing at the entrance of Puerto Portals, Mallorca’s most luxurious marina, with unrivalled views of the Captain’s Tower and the fleet of luxury yachts which fill the port, it was always known as the centre-point of the Port, the heart of Portals. After its closure in 2015, the much-missed restaurant was incorporated into the Cappuccino Group in the spring of 2016. Delighted to welcome this iconic eatery into its group, Cappuccino embarked on an ambitious project to return the restaurant to its former glory, maintaining the spirit of the predecessor, but enhancing and embellishing both its menus and its interior and exterior space.

The grand transformation began with the restaurant interiors, widening and enhancing the space to allow the light of the Port to flood in, and increasing the size of the space to accommodate over 400 people. Bucolic-style fabrics in tones of cream and blue provided by the renowned designer Axel Vorvoordt and works of art ranging from contemporary paintings to fashion photography by the likes of Cecil Beaton are just a few samples of the exquisite decoration you will find in Wellies. At the centre of the restaurant, the iconic original bar was retained and alongside it, an ultra-modern new kitchen has been installed which allows new head chef, Emmanuel Clement, the space to work his creative magic on a bistro-style menu while under the observation of customers through a huge kitchen window, which faces directly into the restaurant.

Outside, the restaurant’s three terraces have been extensively restored and weather- proofed so that views of the port can be comfortably enjoyed whatever the time of the year. However, the best surprise of the restauration project is saved for Wellies ́ greatest transformation – a magical garden, filled with plants and the sound of trickling water, converted from a previously dingy back yard used only for receiving deliveries. Thus with its garden, Wellies is completed with an airy new space which traverses the entire restaurant from terraces through to the light filled interiors and into the garden beyond.

The Cappuccino Group is delighted to have been able to bring this iconic restaurant back to the heart of Portals. With certain favourite dishes, such as the famous Wellies Burger, being maintained amongst a menu of new dishes suited to every cosmopolitan taste, customers will now be able to enjoy this renowned space brought alive by its new renovation. The heart of Portals will now beat again!