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Deep Blue Sea Training

Contact details:
Phone: +34 902 100
Mobile: +34 694 452 709
Web: www.deepbluesea.training
E Mail: hello@deepbluesea.training
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Where to find us:
Calle de Sant Magi, 74
Santa Catalina
Palma de Mallorca
07013 Spain
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BOATS. Ultimately, that’s what it’s all about

Boats boats boats. Big ones, little ones, super ones, even mega ones. Merchant ones, dive ones, cruise ones, and don’t get too close to the battle ones.

Since Adam could swim, the world has been full of boats. Boats that you can own and take to the beach, boats that you can sail away and go around the globe. Boats that you race, and boats to save lives. Boats that need crew, captains, mates and officers, chefs and stewards, deckhands and drivers.

Boats are a passion, a past-time, a career and an obsession.

Working with boats is fun, challenging and rewarding, but it’s a competitive business especially in busy yacht hubs such as Palma de Mallorca. You need to be properly trained before you land a dream job, and even more so to keep it.

So learning how to do things well is not just about parking a rib, or coming alongside, or stowing a line. Its about your approach, where you learned, and who you’ve learned from.

Learning should be fun, we learn more when we relax.

Choosing who to train with is about the people, the price and the chemistry. Thats why we’ve pulled together an excellent team with enough experience to teach you and enough spirit to make it fun and rewarding. We have our own boats, they are pictured below, so we can deliver quality every time at a price most can afford. After all, it’s not just about the ticket, it’s also about the experience you have while achieving it.

Thats why we started Deep Blue.

Our training boats are fully coded and are excellent vessels on which to build your experience and confidence. Junona is a Sealine 42/5 motor yacht, with a great ‘big boat’ feel, strong, powerful, comfortable and superb to learn on. Layla is a Bavaria 42 sail trainer that always receives fantastic reviews from all who learn on her. Lilith is a brand new 2014 Hanse 575 that we use for basic and Ocean courses, and also for mile building. For powerboat courses we use an 8m Humber rib with 250hp Suzuki 4-stroke outboard, which is a fully equipped, safe, nimble and sturdy training rib. For personal watercraft courses we use one of our Yamaha Waverunner 4-stroke wet bikes. All of our boats are also available for skippered charter when not in use as training boats.