Britvid Telecom

Contact details:
Phone: +34 971 909 046
Web: www.britvidtelecom.com
E Mail: info@britvidtelecom.com

Where to find us:
San Magin 24, Santa Catalina, 07013, Palma
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Hello, Im Roxy from Britvid Telecom in Santa Catalina, Palma. All the team would like to announce the opening of our brand new Britvid Telecom Shop, only meters down the road from The Britvid International supermarket.

Our equipment, from top class PC´s to our fantastic professional quality laser printer is all brand new and with our specialised personal service, help and advice we can provide any business requirements you may have.

We are also the specialist agent for Mas Movil and Hits Mobile. You can purchase your mobile with us plus a fantastic range of lifeproof accessories. If you need to reactivate your line or unlock your phone, just pop by.

With our technical team we can repair pc´s and phones plus provide business cards, UPS shipping and even refresh your CV.

Come and see Chris and myself at Britvid Telecom in Santa Catalina, your personal office in Palma.