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Mosquito Capture

Contact details:
Phone: (+34) 639 226 730
Website: www.mosquitocapture.com

I’m passionate about helping everyone in Mallorca enjoy the beautiful island without the irritating and dangerous disease speading Mosquito.

We arrived here last year and were badly bitten by the dreaded TIGER mosquito ( Aedes Albopictus)

I spent months and months researching the market and found the best product for the extermination of the TIGER mosquito is the Ultra Trap.

Utilizing CO2, and Octenol (a chemical like sweat) this trap can attract thousands of mosquitoes per night.

With a range of 150ft in any direction it’s the most powerful machine of its type on the market.



As good as it is – the Ultra trap will NOT catch every mosquito on the outside of your house. Nothing will. So, I protect my family with the ultimate nets as well in the bedroom. The nets will kill mosquitos on contact from the Permethrin coated fabric.